If you’ve had the chance to visit Evo, you’ve seen the ladybug mural on the front gate. Light bounces off four-foot-tall ladybugs with shiny red shells as they crawl over green leaves. You walk right through the mural to get inside.

“I like taking things that are small and blowing them up big,” says Jules Muck.

Jules is the artist behind the piece. She’s a prolific artist and and important member of the Venice community. She’s all about inspiring others through her artwork in Venice. She also supports local young street artists, helping them to develop their own personal style.

The ladybug mural is an extension of her artistic approach.

“With my art, I try to stay clear. I don’t do any drugs or drink or anything like that,” Jules says. “When I do a piece, I touch the surface I’ll be working on, look around, see what’s there. And then I do whatever pops into my head. It’s a very spur of the moment thing.”

Watch the video to see the mural going up.

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Visit Jules’s website and Instagram.

Footage shot by Sarah Amiel. Edited by Tyler Milles.

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