On Sunday, June 3, Evo kicked off its new music and entertainment series Quit the Chaos, Keep the Gig. Award-winning singer/songwriter Manda Mosher joined Koorosh Rassekh for a Facebook Live Q&A and performance.

Watch the full event (Jump to 0:40 – Mics go on, event begins):



Evo’s new music & entertainment interview, spotlight and education series will delve into how substance use affects everyone in the industry. It includes online interviews with artists, managers, songwriters, TV executive producers, and more, “EVOne-on-One” live chats and performance opportunities for indie artists at Evo’s amazing Venice facility.

And the first online interview is now also up! Read Q&A with Executive Producer Salli Frattini.

Entertainment influencers who are part of the series also include Artist/Producer KP Hawthorn, Songwriter/Producer/Advocate/Host Aaron Ableman, Award-winning Singer/Songwriter Alice Wallace, Manager and Record Label Executive Danny McCloskey.

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