Featuring insightful and eye-opening interviews with artists, managers, songwriters, executive producers, and more, “Quit the Chaos. Keep the Gig,” is a new series that takes a look at how substance use affects everyone in the music & entertainment industry.

On Monday, July 16, singer/songwriter KP Hawthorn joined Koorosh Rassekh for a Facebook Live Q&A and performance.

In conversation with Koorosh, KP Hawthorn reveals the difficulties she’s had living and working with people struggling with substances and the resources that helped her move forwards and keep creating.

At the end of KP’s interview, she performs a beautiful new piece from her forthcoming album, “Come Back from the Stars.” The lyrics are gut-wrenching and truthful:

We were just kids when you went away
I guess you were trying to sooth some ancient pain
Swallowed your pills and walked out the door
While your dreams just lay there in pieces on the floor

Watch the full event:

As a part of Evo’sQuit the Chaos. Keep the Gig, series, KP Hawthorn also spoke with Ron Roecker, discussing what it’s like to work with colleagues in recovery and how the music industry can be more difficult for those struggling with substance use. Read KP’s interview.

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