On July 28, 2018, Evo and Educational Narratives held a workshop, Law and Ethics of California’s New Marijuana Laws. It was a packed house and there was lots of great discussion and many provocative questions. Participants defintely came away with some good food for thought.

USC PhD candidate Robert Chala, who has been researching equity in cannabis for over five years, gave an overview of cannabis laws and policy. Evo founder Koorosh Rassekh talked about methods to work with clients struggling with addiction in this new landscape.

While new cannabis laws are a step forward for those who benefit from cannabis for medicinal or recreational use, they also pose new questions for therapists. The group discussed laws and arrests related to cannabis use, possession, and driving. They talked working with different populations, including adolescents and young adults and their families. They also discussed specific questions to broaden conversations around addiction and get at the forces that drive addictive behaviors.

Robert has graciously agreed to share the handout that he provided to participants, which covers marijuana policy and legislation. Download the PDF.

A big thank you to all who attended! And thanks to Kathie Adams and Stephen Burton of Education Narratives Learning Labs, and USC PhD candidate Robert Chala for helping us create an awesome workshop.

Evo is a center for health and wellness that respects where you are and where you want to go. This workshop is part of Evo’s wellness series, open to the general public. Learn more about Evo’s intensive mental health program around addition.