You don’t have to stop to start.

Your life, your goals.

Evo respects where you are and where you want to go. Evo provides an intensive alternative treatment program located in Venice, California designed to offer the highest level of individualized care. Evo’s evidence-based treatment model draws from the latest research and thinking on root causes and solutions to addiction.

No judgment or moralizing. We believe you are doing your best, even when it is most challenging. We don’t think you are sick or broken, and we know that “tough love” does not work. Instead, we provide respectful, compassionate care that supports you to set goals that make sense for your life and pursue positive change.

You don’t have to stop to start. You set goals that work for you, around substances, relationships, work or school, and beyond.

Lasting change. Evo’s individualized approach provides hands on support to wrestle through the complex issues that drive addiction. Rather than lofty promises of “quick fix” solutions, Evo’s goal is long-term success.

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When people don’t force me to not use, I end up making my own decisions. If I choose sobriety, it’s mine.

- Client

Evo welcomes people who:

  • Are looking for an alternative approach that will not label them or moralize
  • Want abstinence, but can’t find a way for it to stick
  • Want to quit harder drugs, but explore moderating their drinking
  • Hope to take preventative steps to address substance use or addictive behaviors before they become a problem
  • Want comprehensive treatment, but can’t take a month off work or school
  • Have relapsed multiple times and want an alternative approach to recovery

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