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Ali Borden, LMFT
Key Advisor

“Our world is tough on those deemed ‘outsiders’ and I value working with people to hold onto their uniqueness.”

For the past 20 years, Ali has been counseling individuals, couples, and families in her private practice in West Los Angeles. She spent almost a decade of that time working in residential and partial hospitalization settings, including five years as the Clinical Director of the Eating Disorder Center of California.

As a teacher, supervisor, and speaker, she has taught clinicians all over the world how to avoid power struggles and resist ineffective attempts to convince clients to change and how instead to increase clients’ sense of agency and to develop previously unseen possibilities for change. She is co-author of Biting the Hand that Starves You, and other published works include “Every Conversation is an Opportunity: Negotiating Identity in Group Settings” in The Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work and the training video “Narrative Therapy for Eating Disorders” for Alexander Street Press.

Ali’s pioneering work in narrative and collaborative therapy has greatly influenced Evo’s model, and she continues to advise Evo as the program grows.

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