Another way is possible.

Staying Curious to Unlock New Possibilities in Addiction Treatment

Koorosh joins Monica Richardson to talk about alternative addiction treatment methods on her podcast, “Safe Recovery.”

How to Find Hope in a Dark Place

What if our addictions were actually expressions of the hope we need to pull us out of our darkest moments?

Is Society Making Us Sick?

Taking ownership of our lives can be powerful, but are we taking responsibility for too much?

5 Common Myths About Rehab

Recovery often isn’t what you’d expect. As an alternative treatment program, it is important to deconstruct these dominant ideas.

For Friends & Family

Having a family member, friend, or loved one who is struggling with substances or addictive behaviors is tough. Know that you are not alone.

Quit the Chaos. Keep the Gig.

Featuring insightful and eye-opening interviews with artists, managers, songwriters, executive producers, and more, “Quit the Chaos. Keep the Gig,” is an Evo series that takes a look at how substance use affects everyone in the music & entertainment industry.

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