You do not have to say you are an addict to overcome addiction.

Collaborative and Postmodern Therapies

Collaborative or Postmodern therapies take a respectful, collaborative approach to counseling, centering people as experts in their own lives. Clinicians understand that people are battling problems and they don’t need to label themselves as the problem to solve it. People do not have to define as addicts to overcome addiction. Collaborative therapies also assume people have many skills, strengths, and values that they can leverage to overcome problems in their lives.

These therapies also acknowledge power dynamics in the world and strongly advocate for social justice. Postmodern approaches in therapy address personal or “lived” experiences around race, class, gender, sexual orientation and ability, and how these experiences can impact treatment. The relationship between client and therapist is highly collaborative and the client plays a prominent role in mapping the direction of their journey.

Three main types of Postmodern Therapy are: Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Collaborative Language Systems. Also related are Feminist-Informed and Affirmative Therapies. Learn more about how Evo uses a narrative approach to addiction treatment.

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