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by | Nov 23, 2018


Shaping the future addiction treatment


We are leading the field in how addiction and substance use are understood and treated. By embracing innovation, inspiration, science and creativity we believe we can help you achieve lasting health and wellness in ways that work best for your desired lifestyle.



Our approach

To help you successfully achieve your goals, we understand the need to develop a high degree of trust. We believe it is our responsibility to continuously earn and maintain your trust. To be trustworthy, we strive to demonstrate professionalism, transparency, clarity, empathy, compassion, and unconditional positive regard towards you. We want you to be fully informed about what you can expect from our team of caring professionals.


Our emphasis on authentic and transparent collaboration is key in differentiating our program from other treatment centers. At EVO, we do not believe that traditional 'success' markers such as abstinence, or a commitment to identify as an ‘addict', are the only, or desired, measures of a successful outcome. We understand that you are a complex and nuanced human being, and the factors that brought you to EVO today are also complex and nuanced. We want to understand you as a whole person with a rich history and vivid dreams for the future. We believe you are much more than just an affliction and would like to find out more about what you would like your life to look like.


We believe problems are complicated, multifaceted, challenging, and often difficult (if not impossible) to overcome alone. The level of support that is required is relative to you and based on your experiences. Factors such as the specific substance(s) you use, intensity of use, history of use, support network, and other yet unknown issues help us to customize your treatment. Collaborating with your team, we create a plan that reflects your history, needs, and life goals. We don’t subscribe to pre-set time frames for change, and we continuously re-evaluate your plan to meet your needs as they also change. In short, treatment at EVO is individualized and evolves with you as you progress towards a healthier way of being.

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