Evo respects where you are and where you want to go.

Evo’s Program

Evo provides an intensive treatment program designed to offer the highest level of individualized care. Read more about what we treat.

Evo believes that integrating care into clients’ regular lives leads to long-term success. The program’s structure allows clients to participate without disrupting their family or work lives. This integration allows clients to tackle addiction within the real context of their everyday lives. Read more about Evo’s approach.

Evo’s program combines individual and group sessions that center around three components:


  • Therapy – Therapists work collaboratively with clients to transform internal narratives and open up new possibilities— around substances, problematic behaviors, and beyond.

  • Somatics – Somatic work is a holistic therapeutic approach that addresses the relationship between the mind and body. This provides new tools for clients to manage flight or fight responses.

  • Life coaching – Clients receive one-on-one sessions to help them take practical steps to bring meaning into their everyday lives.

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