Our Team

 Gali Barak, LMFT Director of Clinical Services Gali Barak, LMFT
Director of Clinical Services

“Rather than think about where you might fall short, I like to focus on your strengths and where you want to go.”

When working with clients, Gali’s style is collaborative, conversational, and genuine. She believes that when people can begin to see themselves as dynamic, the possibilities are endless. She supports clients to move toward their own dreams and hopes.

The scope of Gali’s clinical experience includes work with individual adults, adolescents, families and couples. She has a particular expertise in working with problematic relationships to substances, food, and body image. Her early experiences as a client in therapy helped formulate the firm position that every story is complex and that there are no simple conclusions. She takes no experience for granted.

At Evo, Gali works to build a community that supports healing. Part of the program emerged from her experience at Alternatives Behavioral Health, where she supported clients to renegotiate their relationships to substance use. She worked side-by-side with clients to identify goals to improve their lives, including abstinence or moderation.

Gali holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, where she specialized in postmodern and narrative therapies. Back >