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 Heather Prete Mindfulness Instructor Heather Prete
Mindfulness Instructor

“It is my greatest joy to see people notice that insistent inner critic and replace it with kindness and love.”

Heather works with diverse range of clients including cancer survivors, clients in recovery and clinicians facing burnout. She began practicing mindfulness over 25 years ago to transform her own suffering. She was looking for a way to keep an empathetic open heart while caring for her own chronic anxiety and depression. She felt as if she was missing a guidebook, and that the things around her (including drinking, relationships, and ice cream) didn’t tap into the difficulties of being human. When she opened a book by Thich Nhat Hanh, she felt like she was home.

Trained as a Buddhist teacher and also certified by UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC), Heather teaches UCLA Mindful Awareness classes and Mindful Schools online classes. She also is a co-creator and master teacher for The Den’s meditation teacher training program.

Heather works one-on-one with clients as they develop the tools to tap into their own inner wisdom and forge a path of healing and to self compassion. She’s been featured in publications such as Time Magazine, The Times of India, and Mindful Magazine.

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