How We Do It

by | Nov 23, 2018


It starts with us.

We understand that to support others, we have to first support each other. We value relationships because it’s the most effective —and really, the only—way to promote true health and wellness. We want Evo to be a healthy and sustainable place to to work—with manageable caseloads and fair compensation. We also choose to make ethical company decisions that align with our values.

Core to Evo’s clinical program is respect for the client. We believe that clients already possess the inherent ability to respond effectively to the difficulties they face. Therapists work collaboratively with clients to examine the narratives they use to make meaning of their lives. Together, they work to open up new possibilities.

Our approach

  • No judgment or moralizing

  • Care that integrates into your life

  • You don't have to stop to start

Alternative treatments that work exist, and they should be the norm rather than the exception. Learn more about Evo's approach and program structure.


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