Your life, your goals.

Individual and Group Therapy

Core to Evo’s program is respect. Therapists work collaboratively with each client to identify the best outcomes for the client’s life, in relationship to substances, their relationships, and work or school. The goal is to address underlying trauma and open up new possibilities.

We see language and stories as powerful tools for creating meaning. Stories help people make sense of their experiences and form the backdrop of their relationships—with themselves, with others, and with the world. At Evo, therapists work with clients to help transform narratives that no longer serve them, and identify ones that help them live their best lives.

We believe that clients already possess the inherent ability to respond effectively to the difficulties they face. Therapists work side-by-side with clients to help them to hone these skills for positive change.

Evo’s program is designed to build a community of peers and loved ones to support clients in their journey. The program includes:

  • Individual therapy sessions

  • Group therapy sessions

  • Family and friends group sessions

Evo’s therapeutic model draws from the latest research and thinking on root causes and solutions to addiction. Learn more.

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