Purpose is a powerful antidote to addiction.

Life Coaching

Evo provides one-on-one sessions to support clients’ engagement in the world and bring purpose and meaning into their everyday lives.

Addiction often brings with it instability and added challenges in everyday endeavors such as career, health, or finances. Through life coaching sessions, clients receive guidance to make concrete changes and regain stability in their lives. Depending on their needs, clients receive support to connect or reconnect with work and school, obtain health or legal services, cultivate community, or anything else they may need.

Purpose can be a powerful antidote to addiction. Through therapy, clients do the introspective work to identify goals that connect them with the things they care about most. Clients’ goals might relate to their values, spirituality, passions, and/or something else. Life coaching sessions provide practical coaching for clients to identify opportunities and make changes to bring them closer to these goals.

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