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by | Nov 23, 2018


Research on Addiction Treatment

There is no shortage of research about addiction. Hundreds of studies over the past few decades have examined different methods to address addiction and problematic substance use. From this research, we know what works, including things like motivational interviewing, methods that center clients as the experts of their own lives, community reinforcement from friends and families, harm reduction, and others.

Sadly, the field of addiction treatment has continued to use many of the same traditional methods since the 1930s. In fact, according to Inside Rehab by Anne Fletcher, at least 80% of all rehabs rely on AA and Twelve-Step treatments as the foundation for their centers. This includes many programs that proclaim to be “Non-Twelve-Step.” Though Twelve-Step approaches work for some people, they do not work for all.

The idea of addiction as a disease also persists, despite research that shows worse and more frequent relapse rates for those who internalize this notion. In many programs, staff authoritatively determine problems and solutions for clients rather than working collaboratively with them to help them reach their goals. Other programs deliver manualized approaches to treatment, going step-by-step through a booklet, rather than adapting to clients’ specific needs.

The result is extremely poor outcomes. The field is broken, and it’s clear that there is a need for alternatives.

Evo’s model emerges from the latest thinking on root causes and solutions to addiction. Treatment can look very different in different programs, depending on the program’s theories about how problems come to be, how identity forms, and how people get better. Evo has carefully selected treatment approaches that we see as most effective and supportive for people standing up to addiction. Delivering treatment this way is a rigorous process, requiring us as a team to undergo continuous training, to reflect, and to grow. Read more about the structure of Evo's treatment program.

Evo’s evidence-based programmatic influences include:


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