Somatic work helps clients feel more comfortable in their own skin.


Evo sees working with the body as an integral part of overcoming addiction. Somatic work is a holistic therapeutic approach that addresses the relationship between the mind and body.

For clients who often look to substances to physically alter the way they feel, somatic work can help develop new understandings of the relationship between oneself and the body. It is not unusual for clients struggling with addiction to have experienced trauma that can trigger physical and emotional reactions. As clients redefine their relationship to substances, they need new tools to manage automatic fight or flight responses. Somatic therapy helps clients pause, regulate their bodies, and begin to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Unlike many programs, somatic practitioners are an integral part of the clinical team, creating an important feedback loop between therapy and bodywork.

Somatic program elements include: somatic therapy, bodywork, nutrition, mindfulness, movement, integrative psychiatry. and more.

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