Our Team

Koorosh Rassekh, MMFT

“Our work is to remain curious about the human experience and unlocking our individual and collective possibilities.”


Gali Barak, LMFT
Director of Clinical Services

“Rather than think about where you might fall short, I like to focus on your strengths and where you want to go.”

Ali Borden, LMFT
Key Advisor

“Our world is tough on those deemed ‘outsiders’ and I value working with people to hold onto their uniqueness.”


Joey Bothwell
Movement Instructor

“My goal is to articulate how to play the notes of life’s great symphonies with this instrument we call the body.”

Kim M. Perry, MSW
Director of Case Management

“Empowering people with knowledge, resources and access can be monumental in their road to achieving their goals.”



Heather Prete
Mindfulness Instructor

“It is my greatest joy to see people notice that insistent inner critic and replace it with kindness and love.”


Gabor Maté, MD
Key Advisor

“The first question—always—is not ‘Why the addiction?’ but ‘Why the pain?’”

Eva Altobelli, MD

“I find myself in awe of the capacity for people to make change.”

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